Jerry Terrence Original Video Promo Reel!

Teaser Promo Video Reel with our “Carpetbag Song” from the 60’s! 


For Your Viewing Pleasure :)

viewing pleasure
Vintage Stripe Small A-Frame Crossbody Bag @jt_carpetbag #carpetbag #jtcarpetbag

USA Trash Talks Russian Fashion Sense (1960’s Ad)

How funny (but mostly pretty mean) is this Ad from the 60’s?

We discovered this Ad it in an old 60’s business digest mag or something, but thought it to be VERY relative to current events… (aka Sochi, Russia Olympics 2014). We decided to not comment directly in regards to the above campaign (?), but would be interested to hear any of our viewers thoughts/responses- So, feel free to leave a comment/start a forum below if you so desire!

We will leave you with this (mildly irrelevent, yet deemed important) observational statement::

“60’s ads are proving to have WAAAY more “Tough-Guy-In-Your-Face-And-Straight-To-The-Point”  content than our seemingly “Let’s-Try-And-Please-Everyone-To-Avoid-Conflict-And-Get-The-Most-Likes” ad’s of today (hey, we said seemingly…)”. Don’t quote us on that BTW 🙂

In conclusion, Go Team USA!!!






Top Ten Facts About Carpet Bags/Baggers & Baguettes (j/k)

Carpet Bag is a traveling bag made of carpet, commonly from an oriental rug, ranging in size from a small purse to a large duffel bag.

  1. They were made by saddle makers in many town and cities and were many sizes and shape.
  2. Carpetbags were the first suitcases made in large numbers.
  3. Carpet Bags, sometimes also served as a “railway rug”, a common item in the 19th century for warmth in drafty, unheated rail-cars. The rug could either be opened as a blanket, or latched up on the sides as a traveling bag.
  4. Ordinary people were traveling in large numbers, and there was an need for cheap luggage ,so thousands of carpetbags were manufactured.
  5. When you traveled during the Civil War (1861-1865) and though the 1870, you packed your Carpetbag .
  6. By the 1860’s carpetbags were carried by all most everyone, Men, Women, well to do , middle class and not so well to do.
  7. This became a way to identify an outsider (traveler). All these outsiders (identified by their Carpetbag) were called Carpetbaggers and still are in many places.
  8. It became the term to refer to a Yankee who moved to the south and usually meant a “damn Yankee and not to be trusted, a scoundrel”.
  9. Probably the worst Carpetbaggers were the politicians who used their positions in the corrupt Reconstruction Government to enrich themselves through bribes, graft and other despicable acts at the expense of native Southerners.
  10. Today the dictionary defines a Carpetbagger as “ an outsider involved in politics”.

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“Then & Now”: Vintage Ads Predict The Future (!)

People were so smart back then….

Have you ever done the “that was then, this is now” conversations before? Like, perhaps with an older family member?
Well, we dug up some very fascinating vintage photos/videos that kinda made some surprisingly accurate predictions of the future (aka “now”)- giving our previous generations some well-deserved credit on their technological capabilities.
Anyway, check this content out for yourself…

(Upon review, you may even end up holding off on the “still using dial-up” wisecracks you had aimed at your elders this holiday season…A high-five would be more appropriate, don’t you think? 🙂

When Western Electric pushed the invention of a phone crossed with a TV set they probably had no idea that we would be able to do such a thing on our mobiles pretty much anywhere (that has a decent signal)
When Western Electric pushed the invention of a phone crossed with a TV set they probably had no idea that we would be able to do such a thing on our mobiles pretty much anywhere (that has a decent signal)
This illustration seems to predict the rise of solar power, which can make households self-sufficient,
This illustration seems to predict the rise of solar power, which can make households self-sufficient,
At a time when chalkboards were still the norm and long before interactive white boards were introduced, this 'virtual classroom' was predicted in Arthur Radebaugh's Sunday comic, Closer Than We Think.
At a time when chalkboards were still the norm and long before interactive white boards were introduced, this ‘virtual classroom’ was predicted in Arthur Radebaugh’s Sunday comic, Closer Than We Think.

1. Walter Cronkite in the Living Room of 2001
This 1967 view of how we’d control our home entertainment is a little off, but the concepts are solid.

2. Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet
Filmed in the ’70s, Arthur C. Clarke speaks about his vision for the Internet and computing in 2001.

The World in 2014 as Predicted by Isaac Asimov
During the World’s Fair in New York in 1964, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov made ​​predictions about how the world would be 50 years later, which were published in thenewspaper The New York Times. Reading them today, you can see that the authormanaged to predict nearly all modern technological achievements!

According to Asimov, half of the electricity in 2014 will be produced by nuclear power plants, and solar power stations will operate in the vast deserts of Arizona and Kazakhstan. The connection will be satellite-based and spacecraft will successfully reach Mars.

These were actually fantasies of Asimov, who confirmed that the phones will become mobile and pocket-sized and that their screens will allows us to read books and see the photos.

Technical devices will work without wires, and long-lasting or rechargeable batteries will be used instead.

Films will be projected in three-dimensional form and time for cooking food and doing boring housework will be significantly reduced thanks to household appliances with automatic timers: toasters, ovens, coffee machines, etc.

According to Asimov, the view of the city of 2014 will change: some buildings and a large part of the urban area will be under the ground because in this way it will be possible to save energy for heating homes in the winter and cooling in the summer (Already today there are underground parking garages and whole malls!). On the surface there will be parks, backyard and even grazing animals.

The means of transport, in accordance with the provisions of the writer, will cease to come into contact with the road, but will fly above the ground at a height of about one meter. The river and sea vessels will glide over the water and the speed will increase significantly.

Also Asimov predicted that in 2014 the Earth’s population will increase to 6.5 billion and that 350 million people will live in the U.S. (on June 1, 2013, the U.S. recorded 316 million). Population growth will force humanity to search for new food resources in the Arctic and in the deserts. For example, microorganisms that will transform yeasts and algae into nutrient foods will be used.

According to forecasts of the author, the main problem of humanity in 2014 will be as strange as it may seem – the boredom! For this reason psychology will be incredibly developed and psychotherapists will have very great prestige.

Today, all mentioned above seem to us ordinary and mundane while in 1964 these were bold, original and absolutely fantastic thoughts. Despite the fact that not all the Asimov’s ideas came true till now, maybe we will see them getting real in the not so distant future!

Happy Holidays!







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Flashback Friday: Funny 60’s Ads + Vintage Beatles / Elvis Articles!

Happy Flashback Friday!

This week we bring you a look back at the simpler days in life…

We grabbed some ads / interesting article from Glamour Mag (circa 1967!):

And here’s some cool Beatles / Elvis articles from a Screen Stories (circa 1968) and Silver Screen (circa 1666) for you to scope out!

THE BEATLES / Screen Stories (1968)

ELVIS / Silver Screen (1966)




Flashback Friday: Old School Carpetbag Pics!

Let’s Take A Carpetbag Ride to the 60’s!

This afternoon we were excited to leaf through some amazing original black & white Jerry Terrence photos..

We picked a few  to share! We had cutie-pie actress/singer Donna Lauren as one of our feature models, as well as these other fab hipsters.

Oldie but goody pics from the original days of JT Carpetbag!

Here’s a cool infographic about our company history!

For more information, visit our website: 

Stay tuned for more Vintage Photos next Flashback Friday!



“Re-InVintage”- The What-Does-It-All-Mean’s Meet The How-To’s…

Re-Invintage” is not even a real word.

That being said…we get to tell you what it means to US.

  • From a design perspective, “re-invintaged” clothing, accessories, furnishings and other materials are not just cleaned up vintage pass-downs- but are made from re-purposed materials, new materials, or a combination of both. The ingenious end results are unique items that not only enhance one’s appearance but also encourage APPRECIATION as design objects.
  • And NOW, from a philosophical perspective, “re-invintage” can be translated to an even deeper meaning- We like to think of as a lifestyle, a fresh way of thinking code of which to live by. Summed up, “re-invintage” could be defined as:

Achieving perfect harmony between the “old” and the “new”

A couple important key elements to this equation:

-Understanding and respecting the resources provided by the world around you (and by resources I’m not talking about BOGO or Black Friday sales!)
-Learning how to balance these resources in PERFECT HARMONY with the circle of life (not my original intention, but we may as well cue in that damn Lion King song now stuck in our heads- we ALL know it’s there…) These practices will ensue valuable tools with which one can use to:

RE-INVENT, as well as PRESERVE, the world you live FOR within the world you live IN 🙂             

For example: You know who TOTALLY gets all of this? The Japanese culture. They have been at the forefront of re-invintage-ization (did I just say that?) from the beginning of time. It is a secret of Japan (or should I say was a secret…oops, sorry guys! xoxo) to modernize without cultural crisis. Harmony is perceived as a most important thing in Japan. Generally the person who differs from others with his intelligence and abilities, and who break balance is immediately censored by the quiet majority. (Mac Leod, 1)

Craze-amaze, right?

Let’s sum it all up like this In hipster-speak, and say that “Re-InVintage” is all about: KEEPING THE COOL THINGS COOL AND THE EARTH SPINNING ROUND!

P.S. More on “the re-invintage life”; along with the history of our company and how we live harmoniously- coming soon!

Stay tuned (and balanced!)…


Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls- MEOWWW!!!

OMG, sooooo cute!!! These are from a blog called Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls.

(Posted on January 8, 2013 by Jeff Wysaski)