Pumkin Pie & Green Tea

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday wake up with a smile, because it’s the start of a new week and once again it’s the weekend wrap up!

Pumpkin Pie & Green Tea

Color your outfit in pumpkin pie and green tea! Fall is almost coming to a close and you should take advantage of these weeks to wear orange,brown, green which by the way will be our feature colors in this weekend wrap up! Don’t know how to mix match these colors well here are ten bloggers who can give you an idea.

1. Last Autumn Day, Orange Duffle Coat – Andrea Funk , Germany


2. Saints & Secrets – Chloe T., Australia


3. The Green Coat- Killy Nicole, United Kingdom


4. The Sparkle Tweed Skirt – Emma Reay, United Kingdom


5. All VINTAGE- Lea…, Germany


6. Style Today- Audrey, Vietnam


7. Vintage Flow- Christian  Cardona, United States  


8. Wild West – Shelly Stuckman, United States


9.Face- Masha, Ukraine


10. What Rhymes with Orange? – Steph Lebreton

What Rymes_with_orange

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Happy Monday!

Wake up it’s Monday, and it’s a new day so get up and let the positive energy flow and enjoy the weekend Wrap Up!


At one point or another in a job, school, even in an event there will be a requirement- yep you will have to wear a uniform. but who says they have to be so formal unless you have to but even then you can still make it fun. Use colors, accessories-it’s the perfect moment to play around with vintage fashion so many decades to play around with and if you still  need inspiration here are ten bloggers who masted the at of styling:

1. …Red Red Red…- Alba ., Spain

...Red Red Red...

2. 102114 – Tricia Gosingtian, Philippines


3. You Know What I Fear, The End Is Always Near – Marti Van Den Berg, Netherlands

You KNow What I fear, the end is always near

4. Neutral colors- Dena T., United Kingdom

Neutral Colors

5. November – Pivonia Ivona, Poland


6. 051114- Sophie Traverse, Hong Kong


7. Green & White – Besugarandspice FV Spain


8. Rainy Day – Nora Aradi, Hungary


9. Think like a lady act like a boss – Vivienn N., Hungary

Think_Like_A_Lady act like a boss

10. Holographic – Audria/ Fashion is a playground, France


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Happy Monday

May your coffee be strong and your Mondays short! I hope everyone is having a happy Monday! and once again it’s the weekend wrap up.

Weekend Wrap Up


Wool, cotton, cashmere, zippers, buttons and cuts.  It’s time to cover-up with our favorite coats and get cozy in them it doesn’t matter how you wear it all that matters is to keep warm. If you need inspiration ten bloggers who know how to cover up well.

1. Duster coat- Iris, Netherlands


2. Grey Coat- Holly G., Poland


3. So Board- Beatrice Gutu, Germany


4. Lace Shorts- Daria R., Poland


5. Blue coats- Borjana R, Austria


6. November- Estella M., Iceland


7. Spell Bound- Kayleigh B., United Kingdom


8. Grey Cardigan- I DARE YOU T., Romania


9. Indigo Lights- Ines M., Portugal


10. Pink and Metallic- Sandra Bendre, Romania


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🎃This is Halloween!👻

Weekend Wrap Up .

Happy Halloween! I know it’s the start of the weekend but we hope you’re having fun no matter what-who am I kidding you probably are. So on behalf of JTC we’d like to wish you a Happy Halloween and we’d like to give you a treat! A special Halloween Wrap Up… So let’s begin!

This is Halloween

There is no free pass for fashion especially during the holiday. So let’s take advantage and go wild because Halloween is perfect platform to go crazy and just have fun. There is so much inspiration going around from films, object, Artist, fashion – you can be anything you want and since this is the wrap up, I give you 10 amazing bloggers who created amazing costumes and since this holiday is for everyone we decided to include 5 costumes created by five stylish guys.


1. Once Upon A Midnight Dreary- Alexandra Ford, United States


2. Come Sail Away- Danielle E., Netherlands


3. Forever Yours…-Cassie M., The United States


4. Don’t mess with me- Alyona, Ukraine

Don't Mess_With me

5. The Lady of Shalott: pre-Raphaelite-Elena S., United Kingdom


6. Cumulus- Honey B., New Zealand


7. Someone’s gotta be Wednesday- Kaykay Blaisdell, United States


8. Ahoy Matey- Kate M., Canada


9. This, Madame, is Versailles (Happy Halloween) -Amelia Storme, United Kingdom


10. Oh my deer- Martina Jurin, Belgium




1. Phantom of the Opera- James Edwards, Australia


2.Happy Halloween- Rendy Hayden, United States


3.The Adams Family- Adrian Kaminski, Poland


4. B J O R N B O R G – Brazzo, United States


5. We ♥ Katamari- Bobby Raffi, Canada


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Casually Halloween

Happy Monday!

I Hope your having an awesome Monday, if not I hope this weekend wrap up puts a smile one your face.

Casually Halloween!

Halloween is almost here and that means we are going to see a lot of costumes and candy around.  But if you are unable to dress up but want to be part of the Halloween vibe without going Halloween overboard with last minute costume shopping or just want to keep it casual, worry no more here are ten awesome ideas.

1.Halloween Princess – Lauren Douglas, United States


2. Rock n Roll- Lily Melrose, United Kingdom


3. Your Voice, It surrounds me- Agata P., United Kingdom


4.Everyday is Halloween- Faith R., United States


5. Fantastic Mr. Fox- Anneliese McClain, United States


6. Happy Halloween- Jackie C.,United States


7. Everybody wants to rule the World- Anita Kurkach, Europe


8. Queen of Witches- Gabriela Karbowska, Poland


9. Autumn- Gabriela Kruk, Poland


10. Greek Goddess- Diana Luchin, Moldova


For Your Viewing Pleasure :)

viewing pleasure
Vintage Stripe Small A-Frame Crossbody Bag @jt_carpetbag #carpetbag #jtcarpetbag

London Fashion Week

Carpet Bags are THE Fall 2014 MUST-HAVE Accessory!

She Blogs Couture by the Seashore

While many of us ripped into heart shaped chocolates or cavorted with significant others (for some, the chocolate was the significant other) this Valentine’s Day, something much more beautiful was brewing just across the pond: London Fashion Week.

Kicking up its heels Feb. 14, the second round of international Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion weeks didn’t disappoint. Its expected level of excellence was solidified by designs from Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum.

Britain’s well-known sense of historical eccentricity was also represented by colorful and texturally rich collections from Anya Hindmarch, Topshop Unique and Peter Pilotto (a name you’ll recognize from the line’s recent Target collaboration).

Vivienne Westwood Red Label left a polished print upon the week’s festivities, showing almost 40 looks comprised of postwar-inspired ensembles, à la wide shoulder coats, expertly tailored pencil skirts and romantic sweetheart necklines. Graphic triangle-print stockings offered a well-balanced contrast for leg-baring hemlines…

View original post 330 more words



Yves Saint Laurent top
$625 – montaignemarket.com

Miu Miu short skirt

Giuseppe Zanotti platform sandals
$1,495 – shoescribe.com

Moschino Cheap Chic black wrap shawl
$125 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Prabal Gurung Streaker Crashes Runway Show! Pics/Vid

“Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife!”

(Repost) The Huffington Post  | by  Dana Oliver

Prabal Gurung‘s Fall 2014 show took an interesting turn when a streaker crashed his gold gong-filled runway on Saturday. As models strutted in red sweaters, luxurious furs and oversized coats, a man wearing a crown, leopard print thongs and red tube socks interrupted the beautiful production.

As our very own associate fashion editor Michelle Persad told us, the models weren’t thrown off at all. (How professional?) Eventually the streaker was caught by security guards, but not before a slew of social media-savvy attendees captured the moment.

WARNING: The photos below contain nudity and may not be safe for viewing at work.

Prabal Gurung - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Prabal Gurung - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

In spite of the unexpected peep show, Prabal Gurung’s fall collection was a hit with fashion editors, including Laura Brown, Elizabeth Holmes and Derek Blasberg, who tweeted: “CONGRATS, @prabalgurung! Not even a sequined G-string runway crasher (no really) could distract from your splendid, dreamy collection! #NYFW”

UPDATE: There is now a Prabal Gurung Streaker Twitter account. So if you want to relive the racy moment, be sure to follow!


Ahhh, we love our world 🙂