USA Trash Talks Russian Fashion Sense (1960’s Ad)

How funny (but mostly pretty mean) is this Ad from the 60’s?

We discovered this Ad it in an old 60’s business digest mag or something, but thought it to be VERY relative to current events… (aka Sochi, Russia Olympics 2014). We decided to not comment directly in regards to the above campaign (?), but would be interested to hear any of our viewers thoughts/responses- So, feel free to leave a comment/start a forum below if you so desire!

We will leave you with this (mildly irrelevent, yet deemed important) observational statement::

“60’s ads are proving to have WAAAY more “Tough-Guy-In-Your-Face-And-Straight-To-The-Point”  content than our seemingly “Let’s-Try-And-Please-Everyone-To-Avoid-Conflict-And-Get-The-Most-Likes” ad’s of today (hey, we said seemingly…)”. Don’t quote us on that BTW 🙂

In conclusion, Go Team USA!!!






Flashback Friday!! Vintage Mary Poppins Illustrations by Walt Disney (1964)


Flashback Friday! The Mini-Scarf & Such…

Mini Scarves. or “Ski Scarves” were all the rage in the 1960’s.

In the world of fashion accessories, these scarves are cozy, stylish and best of all, super easy to wear – no need to wrap, tie or knot! Just pull on and go!
imageHere’s some really cute mini-scarves from Max Mara:

We also grabbed this ad from Glamour Mag (circa 1967!) about ways to wear a brooch!


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Flashback Friday: Funny 60’s Ads + Vintage Beatles / Elvis Articles!

Happy Flashback Friday!

This week we bring you a look back at the simpler days in life…

We grabbed some ads / interesting article from Glamour Mag (circa 1967!):

And here’s some cool Beatles / Elvis articles from a Screen Stories (circa 1968) and Silver Screen (circa 1666) for you to scope out!

THE BEATLES / Screen Stories (1968)

ELVIS / Silver Screen (1966)




Flashback Friday: Old School Carpetbag Pics!

Let’s Take A Carpetbag Ride to the 60’s!

This afternoon we were excited to leaf through some amazing original black & white Jerry Terrence photos..

We picked a few  to share! We had cutie-pie actress/singer Donna Lauren as one of our feature models, as well as these other fab hipsters.

Oldie but goody pics from the original days of JT Carpetbag!

Here’s a cool infographic about our company history!

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Stay tuned for more Vintage Photos next Flashback Friday!