In Loving Memory of Joan Rivers in Her Early Career

Copyright: Jerry Terrence Original
1965 Press Party, New York Jerry Terrence Original Carpet Bags Joan Rivers (center), Jerry Terence (right)

Jerry Terrence Original is grieved by the loss of Joan Rivers, a woman of many talents who brought joy to every room she entered. We had the honor of working with Joan back in January of 1965 less than a month before her career kicked off with her first appearance on the TV program of the Tonight Show. At the time we held a press party for the big launch of our newest Jerry Terrence Original Carpet Bag Spring line collection “Neptune Cloth”. While in need of a good hostess, Joan Rivers came highly recommended to us through a number of sources, to meet and mingle with our celebrity guests. Naturally, she took over the room with her adorning looks, witty personality and pleasant humor. Out of the 50 years we have been business selling designer handbags, we have yet to find any other woman like Joan Rivers; she is one of a kind. We’d like to send our regards out to the family, QVC and all of those who have been directly affected by not just her passing but by the bountiful memories she has left behind touching the lives of so many people. Joan Rivers was a remarkable woman. May she rest in style just as she lived.

Copyright: Jerry Terrence Original
Joan Rivers hosting Jerry Terrence Original Press Party

Jerry Terrence Original Video Promo Reel!

Teaser Promo Video Reel with our “Carpetbag Song” from the 60’s! 


For Your Viewing Pleasure :)

viewing pleasure
Vintage Stripe Small A-Frame Crossbody Bag @jt_carpetbag #carpetbag #jtcarpetbag

DONNA LOREN Super cute Vintage SHINDIG Vid & Carpetbag Fun Pics! (1965)

Donna Loren‘s live performance of “Shakin’ All Over” with the Shindig Dancers aired on 7-7-65. This video is so incredibly stylish in every possible way! (We have been practicing the back-up dancers moves, so we can impress the locals at our next shindig 🙂

Donna has re-recorded this song on her new CD “Love It Away” (and BTW, she still looks #amaze!) You can dig it at:…

And here’s some super cute images of Donna posing for Jerry Terrence back in 1965 with his debut carpetbag collection!

London Fashion Week

Carpet Bags are THE Fall 2014 MUST-HAVE Accessory!

She Blogs Couture by the Seashore

While many of us ripped into heart shaped chocolates or cavorted with significant others (for some, the chocolate was the significant other) this Valentine’s Day, something much more beautiful was brewing just across the pond: London Fashion Week.

Kicking up its heels Feb. 14, the second round of international Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion weeks didn’t disappoint. Its expected level of excellence was solidified by designs from Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum.

Britain’s well-known sense of historical eccentricity was also represented by colorful and texturally rich collections from Anya Hindmarch, Topshop Unique and Peter Pilotto (a name you’ll recognize from the line’s recent Target collaboration).

Vivienne Westwood Red Label left a polished print upon the week’s festivities, showing almost 40 looks comprised of postwar-inspired ensembles, à la wide shoulder coats, expertly tailored pencil skirts and romantic sweetheart necklines. Graphic triangle-print stockings offered a well-balanced contrast for leg-baring hemlines…

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1959 First EVER Barbie Commercial High Q

1959 First EVER Barbie Commercial High Quaility HQ! on Vimeo



Yves Saint Laurent top
$625 –

Miu Miu short skirt

Giuseppe Zanotti platform sandals
$1,495 –

Moschino Cheap Chic black wrap shawl
$125 –

Prabal Gurung Streaker Crashes Runway Show! Pics/Vid

“Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife!”

(Repost) The Huffington Post  | by  Dana Oliver

Prabal Gurung‘s Fall 2014 show took an interesting turn when a streaker crashed his gold gong-filled runway on Saturday. As models strutted in red sweaters, luxurious furs and oversized coats, a man wearing a crown, leopard print thongs and red tube socks interrupted the beautiful production.

As our very own associate fashion editor Michelle Persad told us, the models weren’t thrown off at all. (How professional?) Eventually the streaker was caught by security guards, but not before a slew of social media-savvy attendees captured the moment.

WARNING: The photos below contain nudity and may not be safe for viewing at work.

Prabal Gurung - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Prabal Gurung - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

In spite of the unexpected peep show, Prabal Gurung’s fall collection was a hit with fashion editors, including Laura Brown, Elizabeth Holmes and Derek Blasberg, who tweeted: “CONGRATS, @prabalgurung! Not even a sequined G-string runway crasher (no really) could distract from your splendid, dreamy collection! #NYFW”

UPDATE: There is now a Prabal Gurung Streaker Twitter account. So if you want to relive the racy moment, be sure to follow!


Ahhh, we love our world 🙂


USA Trash Talks Russian Fashion Sense (1960’s Ad)

How funny (but mostly pretty mean) is this Ad from the 60’s?

We discovered this Ad it in an old 60’s business digest mag or something, but thought it to be VERY relative to current events… (aka Sochi, Russia Olympics 2014). We decided to not comment directly in regards to the above campaign (?), but would be interested to hear any of our viewers thoughts/responses- So, feel free to leave a comment/start a forum below if you so desire!

We will leave you with this (mildly irrelevent, yet deemed important) observational statement::

“60’s ads are proving to have WAAAY more “Tough-Guy-In-Your-Face-And-Straight-To-The-Point”  content than our seemingly “Let’s-Try-And-Please-Everyone-To-Avoid-Conflict-And-Get-The-Most-Likes” ad’s of today (hey, we said seemingly…)”. Don’t quote us on that BTW 🙂

In conclusion, Go Team USA!!!