Happy Monday!

Wake up it’s Monday, and it’s a new day so get up and let the positive energy flow and enjoy the weekend Wrap Up!


At one point or another in a job, school, even in an event there will be a requirement- yep you will have to wear a uniform. but who says they have to be so formal unless you have to but even then you can still make it fun. Use colors, accessories-it’s the perfect moment to play around with vintage fashion so many decades to play around with and if you still  need inspiration here are ten bloggers who masted the at of styling:

1. …Red Red Red…- Alba ., Spain

...Red Red Red...

2. 102114 – Tricia Gosingtian, Philippines


3. You Know What I Fear, The End Is Always Near – Marti Van Den Berg, Netherlands

You KNow What I fear, the end is always near

4. Neutral colors- Dena T., United Kingdom

Neutral Colors

5. November – Pivonia Ivona, Poland


6. 051114- Sophie Traverse, Hong Kong


7. Green & White – Besugarandspice FV Spain


8. Rainy Day – Nora Aradi, Hungary


9. Think like a lady act like a boss – Vivienn N., Hungary

Think_Like_A_Lady act like a boss

10. Holographic – Audria/ Fashion is a playground, France


Want to see more awesome looks Click Here


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