Casually Halloween

Happy Monday!

I Hope your having an awesome Monday, if not I hope this weekend wrap up puts a smile one your face.

Casually Halloween!

Halloween is almost here and that means we are going to see a lot of costumes and candy around.  But if you are unable to dress up but want to be part of the Halloween vibe without going Halloween overboard with last minute costume shopping or just want to keep it casual, worry no more here are ten awesome ideas.

1.Halloween Princess – Lauren Douglas, United States


2. Rock n Roll- Lily Melrose, United Kingdom


3. Your Voice, It surrounds me- Agata P., United Kingdom


4.Everyday is Halloween- Faith R., United States


5. Fantastic Mr. Fox- Anneliese McClain, United States


6. Happy Halloween- Jackie C.,United States


7. Everybody wants to rule the World- Anita Kurkach, Europe


8. Queen of Witches- Gabriela Karbowska, Poland


9. Autumn- Gabriela Kruk, Poland


10. Greek Goddess- Diana Luchin, Moldova


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