Baby It’s Cold Outside

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!

Welcome to another Weekend Wrap Up!  let’s start this awesome Monday!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s finally chilly enough to pull out those cozy cardigans, classic oxford, chunky sweaters, the list can go on. But let’s not forget about the rich dark colors that Fall  allow us to wear the reds, orange, yellows, brown and navies. Although we do love wearing these colors, who is to say that we can’t blend them with other fun colors, like bright green or use a tint of maroon.

Here are five TRADITIONAL looks and five BLENDED Fall looks.


1. Parisian Chic, Germany – Beatrice Gutu


2. Maxi Coat, United Kingdom-Hannah Louise


3. Cape Comeback, Germany-Marie Danker


4. Golden Hour-United States-Lisa D.


5. Peto Verde, Spain- Estephania Laguna




6. Lime Dress & Brown Boots, Germany- Justyana B.

Lime_dress& Brown_Boots

7. The Good Karma Look, Germany- Ania K.


8. New Bag, Czech Republic- Klara Nekulova


9. Throw me Some White Face Paint, Canada- Alanna Duckovich


10. If Nothing Goes Right…Go Left, Slovakia- Timea Csiver


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