Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!

We all have a favorite graphic tee may it be from your favorite band, icon whatever it is you have one, but graphics are no longer just for your shirts and it can be placed in different fabrics and places here are the ten ways you can wear graphics!

1. Stay  Fly  – Rachel Lynch

3800004_naaah_stay Fly

2. Ganesha & Spike Choker – Thelma  Malna


3. Alley Cat – Izum Nagai


4. Home is where you are- Julia Wigandt

3799479_Untitled-1_Home is where you are

5. It is a happy talent to know how to play- Shuk Fan

3799855_Untitled-126_It is a happy talent to know how to play


6. Grey- Natalia T.


7. Giant polka dots- See Yang

3799916_photo_Giant Polka dots

8. M a r v e l – Alicia Lsh


9. Free Spirited Summers – Sydney Hoffman

3800855_photo-106_Free Spirited Summer

10. America- Destiny Millins