Weekend Wrap Up! (Memorial Day)

Happy Memorial Day!

An Extra day to relax but let’s not forget to say thanks to all those brave people fighting for us. We take this day to think and celebrate,from outings to BQQ there is somewhere to be on Monday and here are some ideas of how to do just that  and it’s common to see a lot of red, white and blue and here some ideas.

Have Fun!

1. Amy Roiland- Polka dot Central


2. Viktoriya Sener-Strips and Hearts


3. Pricila Diniz- Relaxed day with a pearl bag


4. Monica T.- La Plage


5. Yana Fisti- Lady In Red


6. Lian Galliard- Trendy Nurse


7. Laura Rogan – Summer Formal


8. Prisca E.- Feeling Blue


9. Jolies Chromes – Moto et Carreaux


10. God Bless the Sun- Bright Simplicity


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Jerry Terrence Original Video Promo Reel!

Teaser Promo Video Reel with our “Carpetbag Song” from the 60’s! 


Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday!

Let’s put a smile on our face for the Weekend Wrap Up. This weekend was mothers day and it gave mother and daughters alike  an excuse to dress up (But when do we really need an excuse to dress up)  This weekend was full of color and texture something these bloggers know well-here are some ideas you can take and make your own, with that said Here are the weekend Top 10 Bloggers.

Weekend Top 10

1. All the shades of Sun

Viktoriya Sener - Bb Dakota Jacket, Sheinside Blouse, Black Five Floral Pants, Mango Sandals, Zara Clutch, Persunmall Iphone Case - ALL SHADES OF SUN

2. Blush Hue – Sirma Markova

Sirma Markova - Sheinside Crop Top, Pull & Bear Maxi Skirt, Zara Flats, Bershka Bag, H&M Hat - Blush Hue

3. Out to Sea- Rachel Marie Iwanyszyn

Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn - Cloak And Dagger Shirt - OUT TO SEA. (giveaway!)

4. Gray Days – Flavia Desgranges

Flávia Desgranges van der Linden - Shelfies T Shirt, Cravo&Canela Boots - Gray Days

5. On Top of Aklan – Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy - Romwe Jumpsuit, Daniela Villafuerte Cuff - On Top of Aklan

6. Flower Power- Alexandra K.

Alexandra K. - Flower power

7.Viva Mexico- Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold - Zara Black Shorts, Wish Clothing Cardigan - Viva Mexico

8. Painting- Shalex

Shalex - Shalex Floral Ink Painting Shirt - / Painting /

9. Sheinside shorts- Kristina Magdalina

Kristina Magdalina - Sheinside Shorts - Sheinside shorts)

10. Very Short Dress Ah Ha- Tini Tani

Tini Tani - Sheinside Dress, H&M Hat - Very short dress! Aha-ha!

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For Your Viewing Pleasure :)

viewing pleasure
Vintage Stripe Small A-Frame Crossbody Bag @jt_carpetbag #carpetbag #jtcarpetbag

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap up, more like wrap off, the weather is hotter and hotter here in LA, makes you throw away the sweater. There is a shortage in length of you’re skirts, shorts, dresses. So here are ten looks you would like from these incredible bloggers!

1. Flavia Desgranges – Comedown


2. Elle May – Feels Like a Memory


3. Justyan Polska – Bat-Skirt


4. Mayo Wo- Bad Company


5.Kirsty Mooney – Monochrome & Pink


6. Evilish Queeny


7.Estefania Laguna- Espigas


8. Anna- Walk in the Woods


9. Nilli N – Long Walk Home


10. Laura Tenshi – Pomeii


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