USA Trash Talks Russian Fashion Sense (1960’s Ad)

How funny (but mostly pretty mean) is this Ad from the 60’s?

We discovered this Ad it in an old 60’s business digest mag or something, but thought it to be VERY relative to current events… (aka Sochi, Russia Olympics 2014). We decided to not comment directly in regards to the above campaign (?), but would be interested to hear any of our viewers thoughts/responses- So, feel free to leave a comment/start a forum below if you so desire!

We will leave you with this (mildly irrelevent, yet deemed important) observational statement::

“60’s ads are proving to have WAAAY more “Tough-Guy-In-Your-Face-And-Straight-To-The-Point”  content than our seemingly “Let’s-Try-And-Please-Everyone-To-Avoid-Conflict-And-Get-The-Most-Likes” ad’s of today (hey, we said seemingly…)”. Don’t quote us on that BTW 🙂

In conclusion, Go Team USA!!!






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