Chictopia’s “5 Tips on How to Take Your Best #OOTD Shot”


We thought you would like some expert tips on becoming a “Blog-Master“. These come from the founding “Blog-Fathers” over at Chictopia, so take heed (notes!)…

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The road to blogger fame is a long cobblestone path filled with #OOTD pics, blog posts and tweets to no end. Hold your head up high and walk on in your finest high heels because determination, dedication and an undying passion for fashion will get you there

In the meantime, what better way to get started than with a guideline to taking the perfect outfit photo? Being the first social network for bloggers starting 2008, the gals here at Chictopia have seen it all. Read on for tips and tricks to choosing the best background to compliment your look:

1. Composition is key. The best approach to choosing the right background for your outfit photo is to actively think about composition and to pay attention to details. Trust us, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. For starters who aren’t looking to get their photos displayed in Vogue, more often than not, less is more. The more simple and clean the background is, the better. A colorful wall, a cobblestone street, or even a empty field. Make sure when you are taking the photo that there aren’t any distractions that you can easily – think cars, dumpsters, weeds (unless you’re out shooting in a field, in which case weeds are kind of unavoidable), trash or any miscellaneous unattractive objects in your depth of field that your viewer will notice.

2. Pick what suits your skin tone. Believe it or not, the colors in the background of your photo can bring out the best in your skin tone and hair color. If you are fair-skinned, it’s best to avoid light shades that can wash you out – flat white walls and gray skies are a no-no. The same goes for those of you with blonde hair. If you tend to have more pink or red-undertones to your skin, bright reds and oranges can be too harsh of a contrast. Tan or darker-skinned beauties are in luck because most color tones will work, but those with darker-colored hair should keep in mind that your hair might blend into a background that’s equally dark.

3. Tailor to your outfit. Your backdrop should complement your outfit in the best way possible! If your look is minimalistic, look for a dynamic setting that will give your photo an extra wow factor. On the flip side, if you have more elements to your look, pick a basic background that won’t distract from your outfit. For all of us who can’t get enough of the black-on-black ensemble, lighting is especially crucial because you want to make sure all the details of your outfit are distinguishable.

4. Setting & time of day. Photos taken indoors are typically advised only if you have a nice, clean backdrop and exceptional lighting. For the most part, take your photo opp as a chance to venture into the outdoors and enjoy some sunlight! 3 PM is a great time to get natural light, but if you’re looking for a warmer glow, go out during the Golden Hour, which occurs before sunset.

5. Hot spots. Hot spots include: sides of buildings (cement and brick walls, masonry, painted walls or murals), empty and well-lit alleys or streets, plazas and union squares that provide a lot of open space, and wilderness areas (fields, meadows and any pretty natural settings in your reach). Always remember to have fun with your #ootd shot and make it an adventure – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Comment below if you have your own advice and insight to share with fellow Chictopians.

Photos courtesy of AnnabelleFleurChelseabirdconstance_victoriaFashionZen and micah


Flashback Friday!! Vintage Mary Poppins Illustrations by Walt Disney (1964)


Designer Digs: Burberry Prosrum

Top Ten Facts About Carpet Bags/Baggers & Baguettes (j/k)

Carpet Bag is a traveling bag made of carpet, commonly from an oriental rug, ranging in size from a small purse to a large duffel bag.

  1. They were made by saddle makers in many town and cities and were many sizes and shape.
  2. Carpetbags were the first suitcases made in large numbers.
  3. Carpet Bags, sometimes also served as a “railway rug”, a common item in the 19th century for warmth in drafty, unheated rail-cars. The rug could either be opened as a blanket, or latched up on the sides as a traveling bag.
  4. Ordinary people were traveling in large numbers, and there was an need for cheap luggage ,so thousands of carpetbags were manufactured.
  5. When you traveled during the Civil War (1861-1865) and though the 1870, you packed your Carpetbag .
  6. By the 1860’s carpetbags were carried by all most everyone, Men, Women, well to do , middle class and not so well to do.
  7. This became a way to identify an outsider (traveler). All these outsiders (identified by their Carpetbag) were called Carpetbaggers and still are in many places.
  8. It became the term to refer to a Yankee who moved to the south and usually meant a “damn Yankee and not to be trusted, a scoundrel”.
  9. Probably the worst Carpetbaggers were the politicians who used their positions in the corrupt Reconstruction Government to enrich themselves through bribes, graft and other despicable acts at the expense of native Southerners.
  10. Today the dictionary defines a Carpetbagger as “ an outsider involved in politics”.

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Flashback Friday! The Mini-Scarf & Such…

Mini Scarves. or “Ski Scarves” were all the rage in the 1960’s.

In the world of fashion accessories, these scarves are cozy, stylish and best of all, super easy to wear – no need to wrap, tie or knot! Just pull on and go!
imageHere’s some really cute mini-scarves from Max Mara:

We also grabbed this ad from Glamour Mag (circa 1967!) about ways to wear a brooch!


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Designer Digs: D’Squared2

OMG, the new campaign for  is so cute!!!

We love the sleek, tailored, primp/proper Sixties vibe,  mixed with amazing textures and silhouettes!!!

Check it here:

Check their Website for more info: