Re-Invintage Your Old Clothes: The Right Way In 5 Ways

Re-Invintage Your Old Clothes!

Here’s our Fab Five on Solving Your Wardrobe Woes:

1. Make a Difference & Donate

Charities like The Salvation Army & Goodwill will graciously take in your unwanted garbs, and The Salvation Army even offers pick-up services.

2. Throw A Swap Party!

We don’t know about you, but we ❤ any excuse to have a party- and who wouldn’t relish at the opp to show their wardrobe off at the same time? Text/Evite some of your fashionista friends to come over for some 2-Buck Chuck (Trader Joe’s wine) and brie- keeping in mind they are of similar size and style taste. You will have a chance to catch up, your land of misfit clothes will have a home and you will take in some coveted strays as well!

3. Swap Your Clothes Online

Online platforms ranking best for this service are Bib & Tuck and 99dresses–  Their setup allows you to add your clothing and use it as cash to trade with other members for a virtually stress-free swap!

4. Recycle at H&M

We just found this info and are pretty impressed by it- H&M has a program called Garment Collection, which offers retail discounts for recycled goods! You can go online to find out drop-off locations, then grab that new sweater on your way out at a guilt-free price 🙂

5. Cash In 

Our favorite spots to sell clothing to are Crossroads Trading Co., Buffalo Exchange, and Wastleand– They let you bring in unwanted (mostly designer gear only!) merch and will either pay out at 35% in cash or 50% in trade!

Happy (Re-Invintage) Holidays!


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