“Re-InVintage”- The What-Does-It-All-Mean’s Meet The How-To’s…

Re-Invintage” is not even a real word.

That being said…we get to tell you what it means to US.

  • From a design perspective, “re-invintaged” clothing, accessories, furnishings and other materials are not just cleaned up vintage pass-downs- but are made from re-purposed materials, new materials, or a combination of both. The ingenious end results are unique items that not only enhance one’s appearance but also encourage APPRECIATION as design objects.
  • And NOW, from a philosophical perspective, “re-invintage” can be translated to an even deeper meaning- We like to think of as a lifestyle, a fresh way of thinking code of which to live by. Summed up, “re-invintage” could be defined as:

Achieving perfect harmony between the “old” and the “new”

A couple important key elements to this equation:

-Understanding and respecting the resources provided by the world around you (and by resources I’m not talking about BOGO or Black Friday sales!)
-Learning how to balance these resources in PERFECT HARMONY with the circle of life (not my original intention, but we may as well cue in that damn Lion King song now stuck in our heads- we ALL know it’s there…) These practices will ensue valuable tools with which one can use to:

RE-INVENT, as well as PRESERVE, the world you live FOR within the world you live IN 🙂             

For example: You know who TOTALLY gets all of this? The Japanese culture. They have been at the forefront of re-invintage-ization (did I just say that?) from the beginning of time. It is a secret of Japan (or should I say was a secret…oops, sorry guys! xoxo) to modernize without cultural crisis. Harmony is perceived as a most important thing in Japan. Generally the person who differs from others with his intelligence and abilities, and who break balance is immediately censored by the quiet majority. (Mac Leod, 1)

Craze-amaze, right?

Let’s sum it all up like this In hipster-speak, and say that “Re-InVintage” is all about: KEEPING THE COOL THINGS COOL AND THE EARTH SPINNING ROUND!

P.S. More on “the re-invintage life”; along with the history of our company and how we live harmoniously- coming soon!

Stay tuned (and balanced!)…



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